Photo by VEK NEAL


Vek’s portraits fall into the grey area between posing and being candid. Using a purposeful and artistic approach to lighting, he creates a unique environment for each of his subjects where they can feel free to be themselves, be expressive and be unposed.

COLOUR TEST 06/30/15

Draw big pictures

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Unique Environment

The subjects for his art come from a myriad of sources: old friends to random encounters on the street are approached with the same goal in mind of capturing the complexity of personality and emotion. However, Vek’s work is as much a study of himself as they are of his models.

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Honing in on happiness, dualities, the plight of the artist vs the graphic designer.

Neon photography

Vek has spent his life dedicate to pushing his art in challenging new directions. Each of Vek’s works tells a new and interesting story that creates a direct, emotional appeal to the audience ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit nullam nunc justo sagittis suscipit ultrices.