About Us

FE LED Lighting Solutions (a division of FERAD Electronics Inc.) was conceived as an extension of our core IT and electronic services incorporated in 1995. This diversified company now provides smart home automation, lighting control, monitoring,  A/V and many other quality products and services to meet our customer needs. Customers can rely on our support because of our excellent service, newest technologies, quality products and materials, completing projects on budget, and timely delivery. 

For more than twenty years, we have earned respect, and gained many large and small clients. Our company primarily relies on referrals and ongoing services and our growth is a testament to our many loyal repeat customers. 

We have established relationships with other reputable companies and suppliers to provide a wide variety of products and services that meet the demands from our customers. 

Our goal is to provide the best possible solution for your lighting and automation needs. We also provide servicing and upgrading of existing systems. You will have the confidence that every customer deserves from concept to finish as we do our part to provide technology, products and services that help you make your goals a reality.

The possibilities are endless...

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