OutDoor Permanent Lights

Permanent lighting for your home or business.  Contact us for more information.

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Custom LED Lighting Solutions

Lighting and Automation, the possibilities are endless...

Kitchen Accents

We can transform your kitchen, dining and eating area into an amazing and colorful experience.

Make your living area come alive with lighted shelving and other accent lights to enhance your resting experience while watching your favorite show, socializing with friends or just cuddling by the fire with a good book.

So many possibilities

Home Improvements

Let us provide you a unique environment for you to live in. In Canada winters can be long and cold. Enjoy the possibilities we can creat in your own home.

Smart Home

Automate, control and monitor your lighting as well as other devices from your phone or computer. This can be done even while you are away.

Yard and Garden

We can create features for your yard, deck, garden, fencing and many other possibilities.  Enjoy the tranquility of your own back yard.

Replacement Lighting

Ultra modern designs, improve decor while saving energy. Providing cool white, warm white, color as well as dimmable options.

Special Effects

Many options for lights and controllers to create the effects you desire. DMX, bluetooth, wifi, and rf controllers and accessories available. We can provide the best option for you.

 Event Lighting

Whether it's that one time special event or a church, hall, or meeting space to wow your friends, family and others. Give us a call.

The possibilities are endless...

Contact us today for more information!