Yard and Garden

Waterfall with LED Lights

Enhance your yard, deck, gazebo, gardens, shrubs, flower beds, waterfalls with landscape lighting. So many possibilities to make your home a paradise.

Make your home a vacation that is simply a step outside your door.  Let FE LED Lighting help you design the effect you are looking for.

Whether your ideas are big or small we can create a solution for you to enjoy.  We can provide possibilities for home, business, commercial area or any other requirement needed.  Lighting can be controlled and automated as simply from a switch or even a complete automation solution that can have sequences and time controlled features.

Some of the solutions can include the following:

  • Patio, gazebo and deck lighting
  • Yard, gardens, shrubs, flower beds and other landscape lighting
  • Solar and wired power options
  • Waterfalls, ponds and pools
  • House lighting for Christmas and other seasonal celebrations
  • If you have a vision and an idea we can help

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