Auto and RV Lighting

RV Lighting

We all spend a large amount of time on the go. Let us add some lighting and controls to make your home away from home more enjoyable.

FE LED Lighting Solutions can install and/or upgrade existing lights to be fun and efficient.  Ideal for RVs, limousines, buses, trailers, boats, cars, trucks, and campers.  Whether you want outside or inside lighting for awnings or decoration or even marking and clearance lights.   We have a solution for you.

A few reasons LED lighting makes a lot of sense:

  • Adding LED lighting to your recreational vehicles is energy efficient and saves on battery life as well as being long lasting (over 50,000 hours).
  • LED lights are solid state and are very durable not being damaged with the bumps and shock of movement.
  • Becoming more economical as technology changes
  • Excellent operation over a wide temperature range whether cold or warm
  • lower heat dissipation than conventional lights
  • bright and colorful
  • easily controllable via switch, remote or even through your cell phone